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The World of Magic Castles

Welcome to the world of the greatest castles from Lars Laj 's Pioneer Line. We will take you for remarkable adventure to Romantic Tintagel-10290,  medieval Windsor 10535 and  mystery Camelot 10435. There are amazing places for a child to attract  their interest, inspire and stimulate and develop  their imagination.

Children love castles, while playing on the Tintagel, Windsor or Camelot their can meet dragons, knights and  magic fairies. Every boy can become a  brave knight and every girl can be a princess in our Lars Laj Castles. Tunnels, hanging bridges, secrets walkways, selections of  ladders and twisted corridors,  they move kids into the  magic world of  Arthurian legends. So if you ready for adventure get your sword and shields to fight with  fire-breathing dragon waiting on the  end of  the tunnel?

Our fantastic products, turn any playground in the magical world of joy, fun and thrilling adventure straight from The Middle Ages, where time stopped and discover amazing places with wonderful castles from Lars Laj.

The World of Magic Castles